South Tiger Mountain

You may think you know Tiger Mountain State Forest, but unless you have been to the top of South Tiger, you�re not done yet. The more popular West, East, and Middle Tiger are all popular destinations but lonely South Tiger is forgotten, maybe for good reasons. South Tiger is tree covered, within earshot of Highway 18. But climbing it will take you to a new trailhead, a super low elevation trail accessible year round, and a nice location when the weather is bad elsewhere.
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Just west of the Highway 18, Issaquah Hobart Road interchange is Tiger Mountain Road SE going north. Follow it a half mile to the trail on the right. Parking is on the opposite side of the road, no fees since it is a public road.
The trail starts off gentle enough, climbing along side the road until reaching the Woods-Iverson Railroad Grade. After some gradual switchbacks, the trail takes aim at Hobart Gap. Just before that point, a horse trail takes a detour to the side but merges back at Hobart Gap. The Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT) continues from the gap but don�t follow it. A logging road climbs from the gap up the hill. Follow the logging road until you reach the powerlines and the only view of the trip. Across the opening, the South Tiger Traverse Trail continues back in the woods heading north. After it crosses a small bridge, the trail climbs several small switchbacks in nice forest. When the trail hits its highpoint, start looking for an unsigned trail to the right, near a large stump with springboard notches. Follow this minor trail to the forested summit. The highest point is the north knob of the south summit area. The trail doesn't go there. There are better views from a recent harvest.
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Distance: 3.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,500 feet
Summit Elevation: 2,028 feet
Access: Paved
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Summit of South Tiger Mountain
Summit of South Tiger Mountain
Summit of South Tiger Mountain
Trail just before Hobart Gap
Trailhead from the parking area
Starting up the trail
Tiger Mountain Trail
On the short road section
Hobart Gap sign
Hiking by the powerlines
View from the powerlines to the west
In the clouds
Near the final trail split to the summit
Summit benchmark
Large stump marking the start of the unmarked trail to the top