Beach Hike: Seahurst Park to Lincoln Park

This 4 mile walk is in West Seattle between Seahurst Park and Lincoln Park. The walk can be done in one to two hours time. The trick is to find a day when there is nice weather and a low tide. Have someone drop you off, they go shopping and pick you up in a hour or two. The hike does cross private beach property but as long as you keep moving, nobody will care. You will be among many other area residents doing the same thing if the weather is nice. The route passes 4 distinct neighborhoods. Between each are small stretches of natural bluffs that are too steep for housing development.
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Starting from Seahurst Park, the beach heads north for a good distance before leaving the park property. The first batch of homes are the houses reached from Shorewood Drive in Burien. The first mile or so are these homes. Much of the beach at low tide is sandy along this stretch. About halfway along the Shorewood section, you cross Salmon Creek which is the only real creek crossing and can get your shoes wet. Next you pass the small valley on the right which allowed the Seola Beach Drive community to develop. Next up is the Arroyo Neighborhood, another beach community of several dozen homes. The beach here is quite rocky so the hiking slows down. Finally, as the beach walk nears Brace Point, the condos start appearing and several roads come in from the Fauntleroy area. After Brace Point the beach curves into Fauntleroy Cove. The ferry dock is easily passed underneath and in a short distance you are inside the limits of Lincoln Park.
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Looking back to Seahurst Park
Blake Island & Olympic Mountains
Slide area
Seola Beach Drive Homes with Madrona Trees
Arroyo Homes
Mount Rainier view & rocky beach of Arroyo
Nice home on hillside
Not so nice home on hillside
Looking north to Brace Point
From Brace Point looking into Fauntleroy Cove
Looking south from Lincoln Park
The route into Lincoln Park, West Seattle
Olympic Mountains & Tug Boat pulling a crane boat
Fauntleroy Community
Seattle at its best