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New York City is one of the few places I could visit multiple times. There always seems to be something I missed on the last trip to this metropolis. If you are currently looking for a great weekend getaway, when a good airfare deal shows up in your email, you should take it. Much of NYC is the experience. Going from one place to another you might have the most memorable moments of a trip. Letting my son play in the water fountain in Chinatown or that guy we saw on the subway are the type of experiences you’ll remember here. As always, I’ve listed below all the top attractions that I liked in this city. Of course, there are many more things to do in New York City but these really are the must sees.
The American symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty is known throughout the world. My first visit to New York we just looked at it from the distance. My second visit was just after 9/11 so it was closed. On my third trip, I made it out to Liberty Island to see it up close. Now I wonder if I should go back to take the inside tour? To do so requires a bit more planning as tickets for the inside tour are much more difficult to get. Just getting to the island is easy; a crowded ferry ride from Battery Park will take you there. The island is nice, lots of room to picnic with concessions available.
The same ferry ticket to Liberty Island also travels to Ellis Island. Ellis Island was renovated in 1990 into a museum about the European immigrants who came to America but were stopped at the island to be medically and legally inspected.
The Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883. At that time it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, 50% longer than any previously built. There is a pedestrian walkway but I thought just seeing it was good enough.
These buildings are National Historic Landmarks on the Register of Historic Places. They were constructed at the beginning of the 1800’s, they are the oldest City Hall in the United States still holding it’s Mayors offices and other governmental functions.
Wall Street is full of the big financial banks, brokerages, insurance companies and of course the New York Stock Exchange. Outside is a great place to watch people running around, tours inside are no longer available.
Visits to the city now include a look at Ground Zero, one of the most visited sites and all the new things happening there. It’s changing fast with the new memorial and buildings.
With a history back to 1693 when the British were in charge (stationing cannons there), to its use in 9/11, this park has been used for many wartime events. It is a park though, with areas to picnic and great views to the Statue of Liberty.
Across from Rockefeller Center is the Cathedral of St. John the Devine, the largest Catholic cathedral in the U.S. It has two 330 foot spires, was built in the late 1800’s (on the outskirts of town), and is now surrounded by much taller buildings.
St. Johns Chapel is located in the financial district, was dedicated in 1766 and is the oldest remaining church in Manhattan. George Washington worshiped here on his inauguration day!
Wanting to see this massive hub, I’ve used the slang “as busy as Grand Central Station” for years without having been there. The cathedral like building was built in 1913. Now there are shopping and eating areas below the tracks. It’s kind of a “been there seen it” location…not too exciting.
I probably liked this sight the most; the view from the top was incredible. Thousands of people go up every day as this is the spot to look down on the city. Usually there is a long line to get up the elevator…I think most wait over an hour.
You’ve probably seen this place on TV this week. The Rockefeller Center hosts NBC Studios, the Today Show, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
During the holidays, the cities giant Christmas tree is here, as is an ice-skating rink and holiday lights are everywhere. It’s basically a commercial complex of 19 buildings and one giant plaza where events and TV shows are always going. The “Top of the Rock” observation deck is also for the public on the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center. An NBC Studio Tour might also be possible with some planning ahead.
Times Square, known as the Crossroads of the World is a sight to see, especially at night. With all the neon lights and superstores everywhere, there is plenty to do. I still hope to go there for a New Years Eve one day, a massive street party from what I see on TV.
Finished in 1930, it was the world’s tallest building beating the Eiffel Tower. A few months later it was beat out by the Empire State Building. But, it is still the tallest brick building (scary). Its art deco style and history make it a well known attraction…although it’s just an “I see it” kind of thing”.

Chrysler Building

Central Park is an amazing place. It was built in 1859 and the entire park was artificially landscaped. With all the lakes, fields and forests you can get lost the place is so large. Go in and look around but you’ll never explore the whole place. There is a zoo, concert halls, stages for plays, water fountains, statues, sports games, gondola rides, all happening at any time inside the park.
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Sept. 18, 2001
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Sept. 18, 2001