Sunset Park

Sunset Park was built by the developer of Lakeland Hills as a community park and for the nearby neighborhoods. At Sunset Park you will find a play structure, basketball court, a skate park, two youth baseball/softball fields, picnic areas and a shelter, restrooms and several walking trails. The park was named by a citizen's group who thought the park had excellent views of the sunset to the west. The park also has a spectacular view of Mt. Rainer. Sunset Park was dedicated in 2003. Sunset Park is located next to the area shopping center so it can easily be visited during other necessary chores. The parks walking trail is a short loop around a grassy mound. But, the ultimate jogging trail leaves from the park, dropping 200 feet of elevation down to the Auburn-Sumner Valley. This wide trail is often packed full of people getting a good workout going up and down. Connector trails exist from there to the Lakeland Hills trail system.
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