Edgeview Park

If you build it, they will come. Edgeview Park was built before the neighborhood adding an attractive lure to potential home buyers. The park is a wonderful amenity to the entire Lakeland Hills community as it offers a two unique features like an off-leash dog park and a 15-stage exercise trail. Other amenities include a baseball field, sports courts, picnic tables and kids play equipment. Several nearby trails connect by sidewalk to the park area as well. The park is broken up in sections. The dog park is up at the top of the development while the exercise trail is north of Evergreen Way SE.

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Off-leash Dog Park
Exercise Trail
Sports Fields & Playground
A future baseball field
Basketball Court
Edgeview community
Path down to Evergreen Way SE
Kids Play Equipment
Exercise Trail
Exercise Trail
Exercise Trail
Looking down at the walking trail from Evergreen Way to Kersey Way SE
Dog park under the powerlines with view NE to the Cascades