Tom Cruise Encounter

During our world travels, we often encounter large groups of people gathered together waiting for someone to appear. Often we don't speak the language so getting any sort of explanation of what's happening is difficult. I saw the president of Argentina this way. On another occasion, the President of Austria was brought just a few feet by us on his way to make a speech to a large crowd. On this particular occasion, we were in Rio De Janeiro. Our hotel was a block away from the most famous and fancy hotel in the city, the Copacabana Palace along Copacabana Beach. We walked out of our hotel and proceeded to find a small crowd along the front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel. It was a mixture of curious local tourists, paparazzi, and local media. In our group of 4 was Tim, who speaks Spanish well enough to communicate with most Portuguese speaking Brazilians. First he told us they were all waiting for Sabrina. Hmm, who is that, probably just a local celebrity. This is usually the case with this kind of thing. Then he got two more reports that it was Tom Cruise about to come out of the hotel. Well, that would be more fun. Heck, we named our son Maverick years ago! So we waited a few minutes and sure enough, there was Tom Cruise in the lobby shaking hands with the Rio elite. His bodyguards had his cars all ready to go as Tom came outside. The crowd cheered once he got out and Tom gave the crowd a few waves. Then he stepped up onto the cars edge to be able to be taller than the car. He gave a few more waves to everyone which I thought was really nice. Finally, he got into his car and the entourage slowly fought through the crowd of people onto Avenue Atlantica and off he went.
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Copacabana Palace tom cruise tom cruise tom cruise tom cruise Copacabana Palace
In the car fighting the crowd to get out onto the street
Crowd outside the Copacabana Palace
Copacabana Palace at night