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I hate Selfies! I don't understand why they are popular with people. Is it because we have a camera on every phone that this horrible trend now torments me? When the camera phone first came out...I thought it was stupid too. Turned out I was wrong, the camera quality got better and many good things have resulted from a camera at everyone's fingertips. But what seems to be lost is some respect for the finished picture. Nearly every single selfie is awful, too close, way to close! I'm sorry, but you are un-attractive that close up! I find myself looking anywhere else on the webpage than your awful self-picture. My first thought is still, doesn't this person have any friends? Couldn't they find someone to take their picture! Then I go into the psychology of it all...Are you really that self-absorbed? What possibly makes you think we want to see this picture of you? Do you realize you look terrible? The worst is when I see someone outside, taking a selfie while others are all around willing to help. If you want to be in the picture, just ask, I'll take it and I swear, I'll return your camera or phone back afterword. I really don't understand why they need to be in the shot if they took the picture, obviously you were there! Then the selfie facebook caption says "at the beach", apparently to let me know you took the shot...yet your massive head is taking up a quarter of my computer screen already showing me you were "at the beach". Look, I'm as guilty as anyone about having vanity on the internet. I've got over 50,000 photos on my website. But, you will only find maybe 3 selfies, and even these seem to have a purpose, like taken to show a specific condition at that moment, like a sunburn or the picture of me carrying my two children, an "ussie". So next time you want to take a selfie, have a bit of respect for the camera and those of us with large computer monitors, communicate with a human and ask "would you be willing to take my picture"?
Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous
cozumel tent Denali Canyonlands hawaii
This is how I see 90% of them, an awful looking picute of yourself. (Alone on the Hawaii Highpoint)
A selfie makes some sense when you want to get the feel for a on the moped in Cozumel, or below, carrying my two kids in Canyonlands National Park backcounty.
In sleeping bag at 17,000 feet on Denali
In tent climbing somewhere
mount hood
Maybe phones should have a shutter timer button or better yet, a mini tripod that pops out of the bottom? Whatever the invention, if I can take a picture of myself while being the only human on top of Mt. Hood, can we forget the selfe? Actually, now that I think about it, I stopped taking pictures like this on summits years ago.
Disclaimer: This page contains half the selfies I have ever taken in my lifetime.