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One of the mighty ridgelines of the Entiat River Valley is Tyee Mountain Ridge. At one end of this long ridgeline full of peaks and saddles, is the Tyee Mountain Lookout. With a rough deteriorating 4WD road climbing to the 6,600 foot summit, the lookout gets a fair amount of visitors. The lookout was constructed during 1931, replaced in the 1950s, and barely survived during the summer of 1994 when the lookout nearly burned in the Tyee Creek Fire. In 2013 news came that the Tyee Lookout can not be used, even by volunteers, because the lightning protection system is not up to code. With no maintenance on the road, its bound to become increasingly difficult to reach this summit by most vehicles.
The lookout is accessed by 4WD High Clearance. If you don't have this, the road can be walked 4.2 miles from the last pavement. A few trail options exist but would be more elevation gain. From Entiat, take the Entiat River Road 9.8 miles to Ardenvoir. Turn left on the Mad River Road, following it for 14.2 miles to a split. Park here if you have a standard vehicle. To continue, it is Forest Road 5713, a rough, rocky, rutted and generly unpleasant road for 4.2 miles to the summit of Tyee Mountain.
Distance: Drive-up or 4.2 miles
Summit Elevation: 6,654 feet
Road Access: High Clearance/4WD
Former Lookouts
entiat valley entiat valley entiat valley entiat fog Sea of clouds tyee road Tyee Mountain Lookout Tyee Mountain Tyee Ridge tyee lookout map tyee mountain tyee lookout Benchmark
Looking north up the Entiat Valley
South end of the Chelan Mountains
Tyee Ridge
Final section of road on the ridge
Looking SE as the Entiat Mountains push out toward the Columbia River
Road up to the lookout parking area
Tyee Mountain Lookout
Tropical looking
Low clouds
Sea of clouds
The Outhouse and view toward Chumstick Mountain
Summit Benchmark