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Arrived in Ireland via ferry from Holyhead England. We were very impressed with the ferries as they were like cruise ships having theaters, casinos and restaurants. Arriving in Dublin, we walked around until we found a hotel. Toured around Dublin that evening. In the morning we took the train to Cork using our rail pass for the first time. Being new with the whole system we ended up on a smoking car and just about passed out from the heavy dose of second hand smoke. We did get to meet Mrs. Doubtfire so that was fun. In Cork, we took a local bus out to Blarney Castle but it was closing right when we arrived. Deciding to camp, we had to walk 2.5 miles to a campground but a nice Irish gal picked us up and gave us a lift. The campground was very nice with all the facilities to clean up. In the morning we packed up under threatening conditions but no rain. We hiked the 2 miles down to the Blarney Castle. On top of the castle we both kissed the Blarney Stone. We worked our way back to Cork, then took the train to Dublin for some more sights. In the afternoon we took a bus to Belfast. Although they have been having some problems we still wanted to go that way. We stayed in a hostel in Belfast getting a private room. Spent the evening walking around but because of the riots against police the tourists are gone and the town seemed dead. The next morning we jumped on a ferry to Scotland.
Blarney Castle
Kissing the Blarney Stone on the 3rd story
Irish countryside
Our camp in Cork
On the ferry
Who is that guy?
We came all this way to do what?
The capital of Ireland is a big place but the things to see are all packed within about a half hour walk of each other. With a river running through town and rolling mountains in the distance, the city is quite scenic. Sights include St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College and a few castles but nothing really drew us in. We were content with just walking around and seeing the city center. This included O'Connell Street, one of the widest urban streets in Europe and hosting statues, monuments and large buildings.
The capital city of Northern Ireland and second largest city on the island, Belfast was a bust. The town was about shut down due to recent riots. It's a nice town but a car would really be needed to see the surrounding country side.
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Cork is the third largest city in Ireland and the sight here to see is the Blarney Castle.
This medieval castle is from around 1200 AD. At the top of the castle is the Stone of Eloquence or "Blarney Stone". You have to hang upside down over a drop off to kiss it. If you do, you receive the gift of eloquence or more realistically the chance to say you kissed the Blarney Stone. The area around the castle is quite scenic as well.
Ferry to Ireland Blarney Castle Kissing the Blarney Stone Church in Dublin Kissing the Blarney Stone
Church in Dublin
Belfast, Ireland Our camp in Cork Ireland Campground Irish countryside
Camp, pitch and put
Ireland by Boat
Arriving by boat
Poster in hotel camping in Ireland
Hope for good weather