Brussels, Belgium

St Michael and Gudula Cathedral

Grand Palace

Manneken Pis

We arrived in Brussels Belgium by the Chunnel. Since you are under water in a tunnel, there really isn't anything to see. Upon arrival we got a cab to the downtown square. The town was preserved in the war so everything looked quite old. We saw several sights including the "little piss boy". We only spent a few hours here before heading off to Amsterdam. In the train station, while I was in the WC, a guy came up to Rachelle and said give me all your money. Rachelle did good and said I have none...which is basiclly true since I hold everything.
This decoration on top of a fountain has been around since the Middle-Ages. Why it is now the largest tourist attraction in Brussels is unknown. The statue is tiny and he has his pants down peeing into the pool. What's even more bizarre is that Brussels has over 600 costumes for him and he is usually in a different one everyday. The statues have been saved from bombings, thief's and those claiming they have the oldest pis boy. It's not the original but the tradition of the boy statue has been around a long, long time.
The historic city square with guild houses and Gothic buildings is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. It was built in 1695 after the bombardment of Brussels by the French. The square is often host to all kinds of events if you are there longer than a few hours.
Construction on the city's cathedral began in1226 and continued for several hundred years. This is the place for all royal weddings and events. With twin Gothic towers it's an impressive inside and out.
St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral
Manneken Pis
In the city square
Another church
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