Valhalla Traverse:
Upper Wee Sandy Lakes to Slocan Lake

Canada Hike/Climb
Day Eight:
This day had 2 parts, descend to Wee Sandy Lake, and then pick up the old trail to follow it to Slocan Lake. The first part went surprisingly well; we all dropped at an angle through mostly open terrain in a hidden drainage down to Wee Sandy Lake. Even the shoreline portion of the route went well. After some searching below the outlet of Wee Sandy Lake, we found the old trail. Although overgrown, we were able to follow the trail for several miles. In avalanche chutes, we would loose the trail but after some searching on the opposite side, would find it again. Eventually, we reached a cabin shown as a shelter on the Provincial Park map. It was an awesome site and very interesting inside. Our hope was the trail would improve down below the shelter but this was not the case. After some distance below the shelter, we hit an avalanche debres area that came from the opposite side of the valley. I believe this is where the trail crosses the Wee Sandy River but the area is totally wiped out. We did not see a way across and were not sure if it even did cross. Long story short, we were with no trail for several hours as we worked down valley in the most rugged portion of the route. In time, we did cross the river on a fallen tree finding the trail but this only lasted for awhile before the trail disappeared again. Eventually, we crossed back over and found the maintained trail. Once on a maintained trail, I put on my tennis shoes and enjoyed the last several miles of the hike to the shore of Slocan Lake. We had missed our rendezvous time with the boat driver but using an InReach several hours before, we set a new time for pickup. In the end, we got a ride across the lake within a short time of reaching Wee Sandy Beach on the shore of Slocan Lake.
Canada Hiking & Climbing
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Leaving Wee Sandy Beach
Sign near the start of the Wee Sandy Wilderness Trail
Wee Sandy Beach
Boulders along the shore of Wee Sandy Lake
Greg crossing a log
Carla, Juan and Stefan crossing a log
Wee Sandy Lake
Wee Sandy Lake and Mt. Meers
In route to New Denver crossing Slocan Lake
Goodbye Valhalla Range
Boat arrival with Idaho Peak in distance