Mount Hollywood, Mount Lee and Mount Cahuenga

Distance: several miles?
Elevation Gain: 1,500+ feet
Summit Elevation: 1,820 feet at highest point
Access rating: Level 1 Hiking, Climbing and Travel
Mount Hollywood is not the mountain with the famous Hollywood Sign but it is right next to it. Mount Hollywood is more popular and you can still access the Hollywood sign if you are willing to extend your hike to Mt. Lee. Most are content with just the summit of Mt. Hollywood. Since the Hollywood Sign is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, you should be drawn to head that way. All these summits offer incredible views over Los Angeles. It's very strange to be hiking these mountains with city all around. The huge crowds in some areas reminds you that you are within the Los Angeles city limits. The third peak is Mount Cahuenga, the highest and least visited of the three summits.
Take the Hollywood Freeway/101 and exit in Hollywood at Sunset Blvd. Take Sunset east to Western Avenue turning north (left) and follow Western where it turns right becoming Loz Feliz Blvd. Turn left at the first traffic light Ferndell Drive into Griffith Park and head north parking near the Ferndell Nature Museum. (Turns out there is a faster route if you park at the Griffith Observatory parking lot and use the Charlie Turner Trail).
It's a straightforward route up the hill were thousands before you have trodden down a nice wide trail. From the summit, I followed a basic USGS map using closed roads and un-mapped trails to the summit of Mt. Lee. As the pictures show, you can get real close to the Hollywood Sign but a fence with alarms guard it. Continue on to Mt. Cahuenga where a steep climbers trail does go up the ridgeline to the summit.walking around each one.
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Los Angeles
Above: A rough idea of the route between the peaks. There are a ton of trails and fire roads not shown that I do not remember.
Shot of the Griffith Park Observatory
Mount Cahuenga from Mt. Lee
Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign from traverse over from Mt. Hollywood
Los Angeles from Griffith Park trails
Los Angeles from Griffith Park trails
Lots of horse riding tours in Griffith Park
Hollywood Sign from above
Hollywood Sign from above
Views from Mt. Lee
Views of the Santa Monica Mountains
Mt. Lee and Mt. Cahuenga behind in the clouds
Hiking Mount Hollywood Mount Hollywood trail View of the Hollywood Sign from Mt. Hollywood Mount Hollywood Map View from the Hollywood Sign View from the Hollywood Sign Santa Monica Mountains Santa Monica Mountains Mount Cahuenga from Mount Hollywood Hollywood Sign on Mt. Lee Griffith Park Observatory Horseback riding Griffith Park