Reecer Creek & the Old Vantage Highway

This bike trip was designed when I needed a place to take my scout troop on a one day 50 mile bike ride. It is the hardest requirement for the Biking Merit badge. The problem was that the troop wasn’t really ready for a 50 mile ride. This bike trip would take advantage of some serious downhill, first the drop out of the mountains north of Ellensburg, then the huge drop down to the Columbia River. The only real uphill is a small rise east of Ellensburg before the big drop down to Vantage. The rise is gradual for just a few miles. The trip went flawless although we did get surprised by a strong headwind east of Ellensburg which slowed us down a bit. The second half of this trip is on the Old Vantage Highway, which was once the interstate. Now I-90 is to the south out of sight, making the old highway rarely used and perfect for biking, just be sure you have good breaks. At the bottom at the end of the ride is a park in Vantage, right on the Columbia River where you can jump in if you are hot enough. The first half of the trip is on Reecer Creek Road/Table Mountain Road which is surprisingly paved to around 5,500 feet. Even scouts with road bikes were able to do this ride. We were stopped by snow right where the pavement ended. If possible, try to start all the way up, near Lion Rock Spring Campground. Spring is a good time when it is cooler out and the flowers up high are blooming. Since Ellensburg is somewhere around halfway, it makes for a good lunch break.
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Distance - Close to 50 miles
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Turning east off Reecer Creek Road
A nice stop in Ellensburg
View south from north of Ellensburg
About to drop down to Vantage
South end of Reecer Creek Road, after dropping off Table Mountain in the distance
Reecer Creek Road
Flowers along Reecer Creek Road
Reecer Creek Road
Reecer Creek Road
Stopped by snow before Lion Rock Spring Camp
Farm views
Dropping down into the valley