Interurban Trail - Jovita Station

Jovita Station to Edgewood Station is one of the newest sections of the Interurban Trail that runs between Renton and Tacoma. The route is approximately 1 mile in length and follows the old railroad grade through a fairly secluded area. Jovita Crossroads Trailhead has historical interpretive signage, a bike rack, a drinking fountain for people and pets, parking, restrooms and picnic tables. In time, the trailhead will accommodate for travel east as well, (the other direction) dropping down into the valley connecting to the well known Interurban Trail currently ending in the City of Pacific. The Jovita Station trailhead is nearly placed on the original location of the Jovita Railroad Station that existed there during the days of the Puget Sound Electric Railway. It served as a distribution and receiving center for goods, farm products, lumber, and shingles, as well as passenger and commuter services. At the end of this one mile segment, at the merger of Meridian and Military Road was the Edgewood Station, which was the most used station for people living on the hill to access the railway and get a ride to Seattle or Tacoma. The Edgewood Station was 27.2 miles from Seattle with a round trip ticket fare for $1.00. Back at the Jovita Station, the pattern in the concrete pavement during the first 50 feet depicts the tracks with the third "hot rail" that powered the original Interurban cars. The grade of the 12 foot wide trail is extremely level, so it makes for an easy walk, run or bike. There are several sitting benches and a few interpretive signs. Along the way is a rock quarry from which the material to construct the original rail bed was taken in the early 1900s.
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Trailhead Location:
Just north of Jovita on 114th Avenue East.
Edgewood Homes
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Jovita Station
This depicts the tracks with the third "hot rail" that powered the original Interurban cars
Start of the trail west from Jovita Station