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Foothills Trail - Puyallup to Orting

Biking Washington

Biking Washington

This is a section of the Foothills Trail that goes from Puyallup out to Orting. Much of the trail is visible from the road out to Orting. Level and paved, this was part the longest section of the Foothills Trail to be completed long ago. Today, the trail continues in both directions beyond, but this trip report just covers the section between Puyallup and Orting. By starting in Puyallup, you can end your trip at the Orting McDonalds, which gets the kids really excited to bike to. As the pictures show, much of the route passes farmers fields and small tree farms. Near the end, the trail is near but not next to the busy road....but views if Mt. Rainier is out make up for the noise.
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Approaching Orting
Bridge over the Puyallup River near the McMillin Trailhead
Christmas Tree Farm
Turn around point at McDonalds in Orting
Showing the route between Puyallup and Orting shown on this page
Map showing where the East Puyallup Trailhead is located