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Probably the most famous arch in the world, Delicate Arch trail is a family adventure and a photographers dream. The trail suggests 2 or more hours to hike out and back. If you do one hike, this is it. Delicate is often the symbol of Utah, so you won't be alone, everyone wants to see it. My first visit was in November. We were alone there. My second visit 10 years later was on Memorial Day so I had to share the site with a few hundred other visitors. For the truly rushed visitor, the arch can be seen from far below at a viewpoint along the road. To reach the arch on foot, you'll need to work for it. The trail is a challenge for's 1.5 miles to the arch with 400 feet of gain. In the headt of the day, it's brutal as there is no shade and the slickrock trail is hot. The park service recommends 1 quart of water per person. The persistence of the tourist pays off when they reach the arch to see the dramatic arch with the slickrock backdrop with distant La Sal Mountains. If you have issues with heights, the last few hundred feet is blasted into rock...hold the kids tight.
Delicate Arch viewed from the road
Delicate Arch Map
Trail up the slickrock
Trail up the slickrock
Trail up the slickrock
Trail above the slickrock passes through some small washes
Final part of the trail blasted into the rock
A crowded view of Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch on a quiet day in the park
Delicate Arch
Near Delicate Arch
Hiking down the trail

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Views just before Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch hike arches national park slickrock
Hiking down with the parking lot way out there
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