Alone In The Wilderness - Location Map
Like most people, I became aware of Richard Proenneke and his log cabin during the PBS promotions of "Alone in the Wilderness" and "Alone in the Wilderness II". Like many people, I was memorized by these documentaries. It was his skill at making things, or his food forging and hunting skills, his can do attitude or his devotion to filming his experiences. He was making reality TV long before its invention, yet he never would have envisioned his homemade films would go world wide, nor his journals would become a best selling book. I think most outdoor minded people have envisioned themselves doing something like this. Not for 30 years, but maybe a few years or even just a summer. Since nearly all of us wont ever do it, for now, Richard Proenneke lives our fantasy, and we love him for doing it. So where was this cabin of his? We often here him say at Twin Lakes but Alaska is big, so below are some maps showing where the cabin was located in relation to Anchorage. Proenneke arrived in Twin Lakes to build his cabin in 1968, to retire! He stayed in a friends cabin until he could get his own built.
After nearly 30 years, at the age of 82, Richard Proenneke left his cabin to the National Park Service. He lived his last four years in California with his brother. The cabin is a popular visitor attraction at Twin Lakes. When Lake Clark National Park was established, he worked with the Park Service with filming the park and notifying the park about poachers. In 1973, Sam Keith, a friend of Proenneke published the book One Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey, which detailed Proenneke's journals and photography. But in 1999 it was redone and the book won the National Outdoor Book Award.
Alone In The Wilderness Location Map - Richard Proenneke
Getting the roof poles ready for installation
alone in the wilderness map alone in the wilderness map one mans wilderness richard proenneke richard proenneke alone in wilderness one mans wilderness alone in wilderness
food cache one mans wilderness book
Taking a selfie
Above: Topo map showing the area of the cabin at Twin Lakes Below: Map showing where Twin Lakes are with respect to Anchorage
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