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Cody Butte Fire Lookout Site

Built in 1931, a writing on the wall inside says the tower finished June 19, 1931 at 11 a.m. At the very summit, still standing is this 45 foot steel Aermotor tower. Below is a frame cabin living quarters that now looks abandoned. It appears the tower has recently been abandoned as well.
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Cody Butte Cody Butte Cody Butte
Looking North 1934
Looking Southeast 1934
Looking Southwest 1934
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Cody Butte has a road to the summit. Most of the road is decent for higher clearance vehicles but the last half mile gets rough and rocky. There is a parking area for cars just a few yards past where the road starts go get bad.
Elevation: 4,764
Location: Colville Reservation in Ferry County
cody butte view
Looking North 2016
cody butte view cody butte view
Looking Southwest 2016
Looking Southeast 2016
cody butte cab cody butte cab Cody Butte Guard Station cody butte tower stand Lightning stool Cody Butte LO Cody Butte Guard Station Cody Benchmark Cody Butte tower cody butte map
cody butte map
Lightning stool "Hot Seat"
Cody Benchmark
Last few miles to Cody Butte Lookout
Cody Butte LO from the north
Cody Butte LO from the south
In a tree nest to the lookout
Cody Butte access
Inside the Cody Butte Guard Station (2016)