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Both times I have canoed Ross Lake included a trip up Desolation Peak with an overnight in the Desolation Campsite just below the summit. By the time you have paddled a few days sitting on your bum, you might actually enjoy the workout to the summit. On top is a fire lookout that was built in 1932. The views are incredible because of the jagged peaks and the massive Ross Lake filling the deep valley below. Although the trail climbs quite a bit of elevation, I have pushed many out of shape youth to the summit. None have regretted it. Even a few I left behind, slowly found their way up. If you are not boating on the lake, one can actually reach the mountain by taking the East Bank Trail all the way up the east side of the lake. This is a good 20+ miles. Campsites along the lake and the one near the summit need to be reserved in advance with the National Park Service.

Desolation Peak Lookout

Ross Lake
Distance: 4.7 miles
Elevation Gain: 4,500 feet
Summit Elevation: 6,102 feet
Desolation Peak trail Ross Lake map Hozomeen Mountain Ross Lake hiking Desolation Peak Lookout View of Ross Lake Desolation Peak trail Ross Lake Desolation Trail Pasayten Wilderness Nohokomeen Glacier Desolation Trail Hiking Ross Lake toilet at the summit
Desolation summit from Desolation Campsite
Reaching the summit looking south to Jack Mountain
Hozomeen Mountain
Nohokomeen Glacier on Jack Mountain
Looking down to Ross Lake
On the trail
Looking east into the Pasayten Wilderness
Looking at the north end of Ross Lake and into Canada
Desolation Peak Lookout
Desolation Peak Lookout
On the trail
The toilet at the summit
Views west
Desolation Peak Map Ross Lake view Desolation Camp
First time on Desolation with not so good weather
View from Desolation Camp first time there