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For many hikers, this trail is one of the top 5 hikes in Washington. The scenery is outstanding and starts before you even park your car. The first half of this hike goes to Cascade Pass, a historic crossing point of the Cascades. This hike is a worthy trip but the scenery can get twice as good if you continue up Sahale Arm. Although not shown on most maps, a nice trail works it's way north up Sahale Mountain all the way to the glacier below the summit.

Sahale Arm Trail

Distance: 5+ miles
Elevation Gain: 3,400+ feet
Take the North Cascades Highway to Marblemount. Where the highway curves north, go strait on the Cascade River Road which crosses a bridge. Go around 22 miles to the parking area at the end of the road below Johannesburg Mountain.
Getting There:
Follow the very popular Cascade Pass Trail 3.7 miles to Cascade Pass at 5400 feet. From Cascade Pass, turn left and continue 2 miles up the Sahale Arm. Stop at the Sahale Glacier.
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Waiting for my brother-in-law who seems to be developing a new climbing technique
Sahale Peak
Hello friendly marmot
A marmot checking out his kingdom
On the trail just above Cascade Pass
Hiking to Cascade Pass
Eldorado Peak from the Cascade Pass Trail
High on Sahale Mountain looking over the ridge to Eldorado and Baker
Sahale Glacier
View south to Glacier Peak
Views from the Sahale Arm trail
Looking down the meadows of Sahale Arm
Ok, who invited my brother-in-law?
Cascade Pass Trail Map