Mount Spokane is the highest point in Spokane County and it is one of the tallest peaks in the Inland Northwest. Mount Spokane is surrounded by Mount Spokane State Park, the largest of Washington's State Parks at 13,919 acres. Mount Spokane even has a small non-profit organization that operates the Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park, located on the southwest portion of the mountain. In summer you can drive to the top. In spring, snow patches keep the road closed and made for a pleasant walk-up when I was there. There are all kinds of trails in both summer and winter in Mount Spokane State Park. I've put several links down below to maps and websites for additional information.
The forested park features stands of old-growth timber and granite rock outcroppings. In winter, the park receives 300 inches of snow.
Mount Spokane State Park Topo Map
Vista House
Final half mile was closed...had to walk!

Mount Spokane Hiking, Climbing and Travel
Distance: 0 miles
Summit Elevation: 5,883 feet
Access rating: Drive Up
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Spokane area hiking Mount Kit Carson Spokane State Park Spokane Vista House Idaho view Hiking Spokane state park Vista House views
View west to Mt. Kit Carson
View east into Idaho
View North
Hiking up the road
Mount Spokane Nortic Trails
Snowshoeing Trail Map
Snowshoe Trail Guide
Nortic Trail Topo Map

If you want a winter adventure on Mount Spokane, check out these links:

Mount Spokane State Park Map
Become a memeber of Friends of Mount Spokane State Park
Spokane Mtn. Map Snowshoe Route Bald Knob
Snowshoe Route
From Spokane, drive north on Hwy. 2 to Hwy. 206. Follow Hwy. 206 for 15 miles to park entrance. Campground closes Sept. 15, reopens May 15.