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Rocky Mouth Trail - Sandy

The Rocky Mouth Trail is a very short hike to a nice little waterfall. There is also a small cave and a sealed mine shaft that perks kids curiosity. Because the waterfall source is a spring, they are going all summer long.
Rocky Mouth Trailhead
Distance: 0.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 300 feet
The small trailhead is signed on the east side of South Wasatch Boulevard at 11300. A few miles south of the Little Cottonwood Canyon entrance.
Stairs on Rocky Mouth trail Rocky Mouth Trailhead rocky mouth trail Rocky Mouth trail Rocky Mouth Falls Rocky Mouth creek
Looking back from the falls
Rocky Mouth Falls
Hiking the trail
On the trail
Trailhead on 11300 South Wasatch Boulevard
Starting up the steps from South Wasatch Boulevard
Trailhead from the neighborhood sidewalk
The trail starts off as a staircase reaching a residential street up above the parking area. At the street, a sign points to the right to find the trail. Follow the side walk up past several homes until you see more trailhead signs and a long trail shooting between two homes. If you have someone in your group who can't hike well, you can drop them off here, then return to the first trailhead to park...then catch up. Walk the trail as it climbs some more. It levels off soon and is an easy stroll from there to the waterfall.