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Ghost Falls Trail - Corner Canyon

Corner Canyon in Draper is full of trails for hikers and mountain bikers. One of the main destinations is Ghost Falls. With spring snow runoff, the falls are really nice to visit. With all the large decorative bridges, this was really more like a large urban park hike. Along much of the route were wildlife interpretive signs as well. Trails are well signed at junctions and maps should be available at the trailhead.
Distance: 1.3 mile
Elevation Gain: 250 feet
Access Rating: Paved
Find your way to the Draper Temple. From there, there are small signs directing you to the Coyote Hollow Trailhead which is just to the SE of the temple and church building on Coyote Hollow Circle, off Gray Fox Drive.
Coyote Hollow Trailhead Coyote Hollow Trail Bonneville Shoreline Trail Corner Canyon and Lone Peak Burnham Loop Trail Burnham Loop Trail Bridge in Corner Canyon Draper LDS Temple Ghost Falls Trail sign cactus next to Ghost Falls Ghost Falls Draper Utah Rattlesnake Bridge below Ghost Falls Ghost Falls Ghost Falls Trail
Bridge below Ghost Falls
Our unwelcomed visitor
Ghost Falls
Ghost Falls
Nearing Ghost Falls looking back to the trailhead at the houses
Some cactus next to Ghost Falls
Corner Canyon Map
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Along the Ghost Falls Trail
Ghost Falls Trail sign
Bridge at the north end of the Burnham Loop Hiking Trail
Draper LDS Temple and the Oquirrh Mountains
Starting up the Burnham Loop Trail
Along the Burnham Loop Trail
Walking a section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail with Corner Canyon and Lone Peak
Starting down the trail with Clark's Trail turning right up ahead
Coyote Hollow Trailhead
Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Below: Arrows show the route to Ghost Falls with the least amount of mountain bike traffic. Other trails can be used for the return if you want to make a loop of it.
This is the best route to avoid mountain bikes. Other trails exist that make a loop possible but you'll run into more bikers on those trails. After the first hundred feet is a junction with the Clark's Trail. Go left, you are now on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. In another hundred feet is the Silica Pit Trail junction. Go left again, staying on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Follow it as it drops to a old road, the Canyon Hollow Trail. Turn right, follow east. Soon, to the left are two trails, the Burnham Loop trails. Both take you through a riparian area and are hiking only trails. At the north end you'll hit the official Ghost Falls Trail. Follow it east until you reach Ghost Falls. The route goes uphill gently until the last 0.3 miles of hiking where the incline gets a bit steeper just before the falls.
My kids enjoyed spending a half hour at the falls playing in the water channels next to it. As I was sitting there on a rock wall, I noticed a large rattlesnake coming toward me 8 feet away. I jumped up screaming like a little girl, grabbed my kids and got out of the way. The falls were quite loud and we didn't notice each other. He was rattling once he noticed me but I still couldn't hear it. I took a picture after I calmed down, he coiled up at that point up in the woods.