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There are 67 peaks with 300+ feet of prominence inside the highway loop of Highways 40, 191, 6 and Diamond Fork Road. The names in quotes are not official but given based on something unique for the area. They may even change after visiting the summit and I find something unique or more appropriate. I will also change them based on local names if someone lets me know.
This area is popular for fishing, hunting, scenic driving and oil drilling. There are roads everywhere so most peaks are easy walk-ups taking less than an hour. Surprisingly, there are a fair about of trails around, usually old roads signed by the Forest Service as now hiker only. This area opens up by mid-June...unless you have a snowmobile. Winter treks on or from your snowmobile would be a blast. Marked snowmobile routes go all over these mountains.
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The North Group List
Peak Name Elevation Climbed
10,335 7/17/2008
Strawberry Benchmark 10,285   
"West Strawberry Peak" 10,062
Indian Head 9,959  7/17/2008
"East Strawberry" 9,954 
Willow Creek Ridge 9,860  
"Lounger Top" 9,716  6/15/2010 
"Powerline View Peak" 9,620  6/15/2010 
Greyhead 9,548
"Willow Creek Ridge Center"  9,540 
Grey Head Peak 9,496  
"Sterling South Peak" 9,463  
Long Ridge 9,452 
Baldy Mountain 9,420
"East Minnie" 9,418  
"Willow Creek Ridge South" 9,405   
"Avintaquin Peak" 9,346  7/17/2008
"Half Moon Peak" 9,323   
"Full Moon Peak" 9,316   
"Graybeard Peak"  9,276   
"High Line Peak"  9,252 
Minnie Benchmark  9,230   
"Sterling North Peak"  9,217 
Sams Benchmark 9,214   
"Quarter Moon Peak"  9,209   
"Chokecherry"  9,199   
"Buffalo Head"  9,055 
"Gremo Hill"  9,055   
"Willow"  9,005 
"Reservation Three"  8,983   
"Reservation Two"  8,945   
"First Water" 8,942   
"Reservation One"  8,940
Currant Creek Mountain  8,927
"Tabbyune"  8,912  
"Freds Peak" 8,900  
"Averett Peak"  8,775  
"Indian Head Peak"  8,769   
"The Hidden Lion" 8,749  
"Second Water" 8,738  
"Raspberry South Peak" 8,717   
"Gremo South" 8,660  
"The Boiler" 8,575   
"Raspberry North Peak" 8,569   
"Bear Hollow East" 8,550   
Teat Mountain 8,537  7/7/2009 
"Sulphur Peak" 8,455   
"Bear Hollow West" 8,424   
"Raspberry East Peak" 8,420   
"North Soldier" 8,365  
"Martino Peak" 8,261   
Fur Benchmark 8,223   
"Linley Peak" 8,220   
Island Mountain 8,140  
Miller Ridge 8,060  
"Badger Bay Peak" 8,041   
"Soldier Peak HP" 8,038  6/15/2010 
"Manour Hill" 7,956   
"West Second Water Ridge" 7,900   
Cedar Mountain 7,711   
"Emma Park Peak" 7,644   
"West Fifth Water Ridge" 7,580   
"West Third Water Ridge" 7,439   
"Price Canyon Peak" 7,335   
Tanner Ridge 7,310   
"Monks Peak" 6,464   

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Teat Mountain

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Strawberry Peak

Strawberry Reservoir utah

"Lounger Top"

"Soldier Creek HP"

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"Lounger Top"
Baldy Mountain
"Powerline View Peak"