Keg Mountain Utah Sheeprock Mountains from Sabie Mountain

Great Basin Peaks Hiking, Climbing and Travel
This group of peaks encompasses the Sheeprock, Onaqui, Simpson, West Tintic, Dugway, Keg and Thomas Range Mountains. The grouping is bound by Highways 36 & 6 (Vernon/Eureka), highway 174 north of Delta, Fish Springs Flat and the Dugway Proving Grounds.

Great Basin Peaks with 1,000+ Prominence are shown on the map.

Great Basin Utah Map
Utah Climbing

Black Crook Peak

Red Pine Mountain

Sabie Mountain

Stookey Benchmark

Keg Mountain

Round Top & Davis Mountain

Round Top
Red Pine Mountain
Sabie Mountain
Maple Mountain
Desert Mountain
Simpson Mtns HP
Dugway Range HP
Black Rock Hills HP
Thomas Range HP
Camels Back Ridge

Black Mountains Highpoint

Black Crook Peak
Indian Peaks
Sabie Mountain Tintic Mountains Red Pine Mountain Utah Stookey Benchmark Onaqui Mountains Black Crook Peak Vernon Utah Round Top and Davis Mountains Black Mountains Highpoint Utah
Sheeprock Mountains from Sabie Mountain

Great Basin Trip Reports

Great Basin Peaks with 1,000+ foot Prominence

14) Great Basin Group Elevation Climbed
Black Crook Peak 9,274 11/13/2008
Stookey Benchmark 9,020 5/24/2008
Round Top 6,434 11/17/2008
Red Pine Mountain 8,516 5/17/2008
Indian Peaks 8,406 10/7/2009
Sabie Mountain 8,021 4/6/2009
Maple Peak 8,060 10/30/2010
Granite Peak 7,082 Restricted
Desert Mountain 6,480 2/6/2010
8334 "Simpson Mtns. HP" 8,334  
6830 "Dugway Range HP" 6,830 5/1/2010 
Keg Mountain 7,305 4/5/2008
Black Rock Hills Highpoint 5,782  
Thomas Range Highpoint 7,106  
Camels Back Ridge 5,501 Restricted 
Indian Peaks Utah Dugway

Indian Peaks

Desert Peak Utah

The Steeple, The Minaret, The Bell Tower, Prospect Rock

the Minaret

Desert Peak

Granite Peak
Dugway Range Highpoint

Dugway Range Highpoint

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"Benmore Peak"
"Johnson Pass Peak" & "Junior Johnson"

Maple Peak

Maple Peak
Little Valley Peaks
Coyote & Allison Knolls