East Tintic Mountains Map Looking east from Boulter Peak

East Tintic North Group

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This group of peaks encompasses the Lake Mountains, the north half of the East Tintic Mountains, the Vernon Hills and the Thorpe Hills. The grouping is bound by I-15, Highway 73, Highway 36 and Highway 6.
Pinyon Peak

Peaks with 1,000+ Prominence are shown on the map, with full list below.

Peak Name Elevation Climbed
Boulter Peak 8,308  10/27/2008
Hannifin Peak  8,121   
Bismark Peak  8,063   
Packard Peak  7,828   
Pinyon Peak  7,720  4/10/2009
Lake Mountians Highpoint  7,690  11/1/2007 
"Black Rock Peak"  7,428   
Lime Peak  6,986  5/1/2008
West Mountain  6,904  5/22/2008
"Pinyon Canyon Peak"  6,088   
Greeley Benchmark  6,850   
"West Mtn. North Peak"  6,830  5/22/2008
"Chimney Rock Pass Peak"  6,713   
Topliff Hill  6,510  4/29/2008
Vernon Hills South  6,334  5/3/2010 
Vernon Hills North  6,241   5/3/2010 
Thorpe Hill Highpoint  6,190  4/23/2008
"Paymaster Peak"  6,188  5/1/2008
"Sevenmile Pass West Peak" 6,188  4/23/2008
Vernon Hills East  6,174  5/3/2010  
"Pinyon Queen Peak"  6,143   
"Sevenmile Pass East Peak"  6,033  4/23/2008
"Eagle Mountain Peak"  5,981  4/9/2008
"Tenmile Pass Peak"  5,813  4/29/2008
Wanlass Hill  5,675  4/9/2008
Blowhole Hill  5,488  5/1/2008 
Greeley Hill  5,331  3/18/2009
Cat Hill  5,293  3/18/2009

List of all peaks with 300+ feet of prominence in the East Tintic North Group

Utah Climbing
East from Boulter Peak
Lake Mountains HP
Topliff Hill
Boulter Peak
West Mountain
Boulter Peak from north

Boulter Peak

Hiking up Pinyon Peak

Pinyon and Lime Peaks

West Mountain ATV trail

West Mountain

Lakeview Mountains highpoint Topliff Hill east side Cat and Greeley Hill Eagle Mountain Peak Wanlass Hill and Blowhole Hill

Cat and Greeley Hills

Eagle Mountain Peak

Wanlass Hill and Blowhole Hill

Topliff Hill

Lake Mountains Highpoint

Vernon Hills

Vernon Hills