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This group of peaks is mainly the Cedar Mountains. Going west from the Salt Lake Valley you have the Oquirrh Range, then Stansbury Range, then the Cedar Range. Also included is a portion of the Dugway AFB so 6 of the 38 peaks in this grouping are off limits to access, including Wildcat Mountain. The grouping is bound by I-80 on the north, highway 196 on the east and the Dugway Proving Grounds on the south and west.

Cedar Mountains Group peaks with 1,000+ Prominence are shown on the map.

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Cedar Mountains Utah Map
Cedar Mountain HP
Wildcat Mountain

Cedar Mountains Highpoint

Northern Cedar Mountains
Cedar Mountains  Elevation  Climbed 
Cedar Mountains HP 7,712  4/19/2008 
"Cedar Mountains HP South"  7,700   
"Cedar Mountains HP North"  7,180   
"Tabby NE"  6,970  
"Wildcat Peak"  6,942   
"Inside Corner Peak"  6,929   
Tabbys Peak  6,921   
"Rocky Highpoint"  6,849   
"Boarderline Peak"  6,838   
Hastings Benchmark  6,714   
"Southern Border Peak"  6,630   
"Far South Hastings Pass Peak"  6,612  
"North Hastings"  6,605   
"Tabby NW" 
"South Hastings"  6,570   
"South Hastings Pass Peak"  6,563   
"East Rocky"  6,553   
"Low Cedar"  6,530   
"Wilddog Peak"  6,430   
"Hastings West"  6,373  
"Just Ahead Peak" 6,139   
Bare Benchmark  5,780   
"Coobran East"  5,712   
White Rock  5,693   
"White Rock East"  5,646   
"White Rock North"  5,635   
"Coobran West"  5,627   
"Hickman"  5,423   
"Skull Valley Peak"  5,420   
Knolls Benchmark  4,749   
"Clive Road Peak"  4,725   
"South Knoll"  4,706   
****Peaks inside Base****     
Wildcat Mountain  5,306   
Peak 5047 5,047   
Wing Mountain 5,194  
"South Wing Mountain"   4,972  
Peak 4750  4,750  
Peak 4610  4,610   
Cedar Mountain