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Provo/Jordan River Parkway - Spring View Farms Trailhead

This section of trail gets it's name from the housing development that designed these trails in it's master plan. The development boasts itself as "half ecological preserve and half residential community". It certainly is a nice area for biking. Nothing here is too long so it is perfect for young families. With several picnic areas and one really nice park, you can't go wrong here if you have kids. There are restrooms at both ends of the ride.
Start down the Jordan River Parkway. Your first signed right is the Springview Farms Trail. This loops back to the trailhead. The second signed right is for the Madison River Trail. This trail works it's way to a nice park. There is one hill on this trail but it is short. The park is the best destination for kids with play equipment and active railroad tracks behind a tall fence. Staying on the Jordan River Parkway, you can go to Bangerter Highway where it goes underneath. The river overtakes the trail in spring but there are some trails to the west that sneak under.
Jordan River Parkway Map
To the Prison Exit of I-15
Public Park
Spring View Farms Map Spring View Farms Trailhead
Spring View Farms Trailhead sign and trail
Jordan River Parkway
The black line shows the easiest loop, if you take the Springview Farms Trail to the right. It simply takes you back to the trailhead through nice wetlands.
A bigger loop can be done from the public park but there is a short section on W14600S that has no bike trail. This short section of road is dangerous but going downhill from the park would only take about 60 seconds.
Jordan River Parkway Jordan River trail bridge over the Jordan River Madison River Trail Junction
The bridge over the Jordan River
Spring View Farms
Jordan River Parkway near the start
Jordan River Bangerter Highway Jordan River Parkway Madison River Trail Madison River Trail Spring View Farms park Spring View Farms park Royal Coachman Drive Springview Farms Trail Springview Farms access map Springview Farms Trail Springview Farms Trail
Trail between Royal Coachman Drive and the railroad tracks
The public park at the top of Spring View Farms
Madison River Trail Junction
Jordan River
Route under the Bangerter Highway, under water during high spring snow melt
On the Jordan River Parkway
Top of the hill on the Madison River Trail
Madison River Trail
Train passing by from the Spring View Farms park
Returning via the Springview Farms Trail
Views along the Springview Farms Trail
Waterfall along the Springview Farms Trail