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The Provo Canyon Bike Trail is a section of the Provo/Jordan River Parkway Trail System. The 15 mile asphalt trail goes from Utah Lake State Park to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. This page describes the upper half and better section that is more scenic and enjoyable. The lower half goes through town. Highlights on this route are the cliffs of Cascade Mountain, the famous Bridal Veil Falls, parts of Mt. Timpanogos, small ponds, the river, colors on leaves and nice parks. These parks have playgrounds for the kids and the trail ends at Vivian Park, one of the best parks in the canyon. From there, you could even extend the trip by going up the South Fork Road. It is a dead-end road out of Vivian Park that has a few additional parks and great views of surrounding mountains. On weekends, this trail can be a crowded with joggers, kids on skateboards, young couples pushing baby carriages, roller-skates and bikers.

Provo Canyon Bike Trail

Provo Canyon Bike Trail Provo Canyon Bike Trail Bridal Veil Falls MountTimpanogos views Bridal Veil Falls Vivian Park play area Mount Timpanogos
Pond between the river and the trail
The trail with Cascade Mountain above
Bridal Veil Falls is right on the trail
Bridal Veil Falls
MountTimpanogos views
Views of Mt. Timpanogos from South Fork Road
Vivian Park play area
Provo Canyon Trail map