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The Deer Creek Reservoir section of the Provo/Jordan River Parkway Trail is an enjoyable ride along the west shore of the Deer Creek Reservoir. Although there is a highway on the other side, you hardly notice. This 8 mile section is not paved but the gravel is fairly compact and easy enough to ride on with a basic mountain bike and kid trailer. Unfortunately, the trail is not able to parallel the railroad tracks along the shoreline the entire time. There are several sections that climb well above the lake making it a bit tough for little kids. For older kids, it's kind of nice because the trail takes you higher for different viewpoints. The first mile or two from the dam is along the lake and easy for kids. There is excellent parking on both sides of the Deer Creek Trail. The Deer Creek Dam Trailhead is right off highway 189 near the dam. The Deer Creek North Trailhead is just inside Soldier Hollow.

Deer Creek Reservior Bike Trail

Deer Creek NorthTrailhead
Deer Creek Dam Trailhead
Deer Creek Dam Trailhead of the Provo/Jordan Parkway Trail
Deer Creek NorthTrailhead of the Provo/Jordan Parkway Trail
Heber Valley Railroad
Heber Valley Railroad
Deer Creek Reservoir hiking Heber Valley snow plow Deer Creek Reservoir Dam Deer Creek Reservoir trail Deer Creek Reservoir
Going north along the Deer Creek Reservoir on the Provo/Jordan Parkway Trail
Snow plow parked along the trail
Looking south to Cascade Mountain and the Deer Creek Reservoir Dam
On a rocky beach along the Deer Creek Reservoir
Climbing above the reservoir
Deer Creek Reservoir Map