You wouldn't want to plan a trip specifically to visit Little Rock but if you find yourself passing through, here are some sights to see.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Riverfront Park - The Little Rock

River Market District

The Old Mill

This is a nice park along the Arkansas river with the most historic spot in the state. A plaque on a rock marks the first rock seen by the French explorer Bernard De La Harpe on his voyage up the Arkansas River from the Mississippi River in 1722. For 100 years prior to Little Rock becoming the capitol, this rock marked the spot early settlers forded the river. It was known as the "Little Rock".
Just up from the river park, the market district is permanent merchants as well as temporary farmer booths. Here you can buy all types of fresh foods. The area also hosts many outdoor performances with stages and seating overlooking the parks and riverfront.
It's not old but a replica in a tribute to early pioneers. It's biggest claim to fame is that the mill was in the opening scenes to Gone With the Wind and is the only remaining structure from the movie.
The Old Mill
The Old Mill Site
Capitol Building
Waterfront and Farmers Market
The Little Rock
Old Railroad Bridge and the Little Rock
The Governors Mansion

Hot Springs & Hot Springs National Park

About an hour away is a popular vacation hot spot with more to see than anything in Little Rock.

Quapaw Quarter

This is the name of the oldest and most historic portion of Little Rock, the neighborhoods surrounding MacArthur Park, the Arkansas Governor's Mansion, and Central High School. Some of the buildings date from before the Civil War. Homes in the Governor's Mansion Historic District generally date from about 1880 to 1920. They are private homes or businesses but can be viewed from the street or sidewalk.

Capitol Building

The state capitol building is a scaled down version of the U.S. Capitol. It's free to look around inside where there are displays about Arkansas history.

Clinton Presidential Center

President Clinton fans will enjoy visiting his library. With 20,000 square feet of exhibits and displays, your sure to get your fill of this president. The location is in a scenic spot right along the Arkansas River.
Homes in the Quapaw Quarter
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The Old Mill Grounds
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