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Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

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Set out in the middle of nowhere, the visitors center at Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry offers a few dozen exhibits of a 147 million year old bone bed. Beside the visitors center are 2 quarry buildings protecting the digs of the paleontologists. Inside are viewing platforms for the public to watch the progress of the dig. The quarry also offers several short hikes. The Raptor Point Trail climbs 180 feet in under a half mile to the highest point in the quarry giving a good overlook of the region.
Cleveland Lloyd map
Cedar Mountain from Raptor Point
Book Cliffs from Raptor Point
Quarry trails and Flat Top Mountain from Raptor Point
Trail to the quarry buildings
Visitors Center
Overview of the area from Raptor Point
Sign on the Raptor Point trail
Inside quarry buildings
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View to Flat Top Mountain
Raptor Point trail Raptor Point trail quarry buildings trail
On top of Raptor Point