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Tukwila Park

The oldest park in Tukwila is the Tukwila Park, hiding up the hill very close to the Southcenter Mall. Although only 6.5 acres in size, the densely forested park seems to hide its small size well. The paved walkway climbs to the back of the park to the top of the hill and just ends at top. But, you can continue on a small dirt trail that leads back to the front of the park. The site is covered with mature fir trees and a variety of rhododendrons. Facilities at the site include a gazebo, a wooded area, a picnic area, a basketball court, a lighted tennis court, a paved pathway and children's playground.
15460 65th Avenue South
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New Sign
Old Sign
Ready for a BBQ
Basketball & Tennis
Upper tennis courts
One of few open spaces
Paved walkway
Kids play equipment
Paved walkway
Paved walkway to the top of the hill
Picnic area