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Fox Island Sand Spit Park

The Fox Island Sand Spit is located on the northern tip of Fox Island. The spit is just large enough to offer some quiet serenity for those looking to enjoy the weather and scenic view over the water. At the edge of the spit you could have a picnic in the grassy areas. You can walk the beach, toss rocks or just take a nap.
55 Bella Bella Drive. Cross the bridge onto the island and turn right on Bella Bella Drive. Follow the road to the end and park there.
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Sand Spit on Fox Island Fox Island Map
In the grassy area looking south
Dropping down to the sand spit
Tossing rocks
The end of the spit
The Fox Island Sand Spit
The east bay of the spit
View of Mount Rainier from the spit
Bridge to Fox Island
Aerial view showing the spit and the park boundary