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Lakeridge Park

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The Lakeridge Playground & Park at the extreme south end of Seattle are really two separate access points. The playground is at the base of hill with no access to the trail system further up. I searched and searched for the trail access by my vehicle but missed it. I will return again and find the trailhead to post some pictures of what the trails look like. As for the playground and playfield, it is pretty simple. Play equipment for the kids, a basketball court, baseball field, and some things to sit on.
10145 Rainier Ave. S
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I drove right by the trailhead missing it. Several hours later, I even remembered my son telling me he saw a trail there but I was to occupied watching the road at the dangerous curve in the roadway. We will go back and add some hiking pictures here!
Kids Play Area
Park sign off Rainier Avenue
Basketball courts
Baseball Field
A view of Lake Washington from the hill above the play area