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Hilltop Park

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What can I say about Hilltop Park? A very unique spot tucked away in a neighborhood with little parking and a strange access. The good news though is that once you get in the park, you find it quite peaceful. Much of the park has not been developed but remains a jungle of invasive blackberry bushes. There is one short trail and one wide path of green mowed lawn that reaches far back into the property. During our short visit, we saw a coyote. Apparently, coyote sightings are a daily occurrence at Hilltop Park. There was a swing set but the seats were missing. This park has been in transition from King County to Burien so it should have a bright future now that Burien will be in charge.
2600 S 128th Street Burien, WA 98168
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Coyote looking at us
The far back of the park ends here
The one small trail on the west side of the park
Lots of open space
Just a few improvements
The big tree
The park sign off 128th Street