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Fauntleroy Park

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Fauntleroy Park has a network of walking trails in some natural ravines with the occasional creek crossing. There isn't anything else developed in the park other than boardwalks, bridges and handrails. With six neighborhood access points, traveling through the park as part of a neighborhood walk works really well. Local work parties look to keep the park clean and the trails fairly mud free...at least for Washington standards. The fir trees in Fauntleroy Park are not old like parts of nearby Lincoln Park or the Schmitz Preserve, much of the park is fairly young alder and maple.
3951 SW Barton St.
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Maps showing the Fauntleroy Park Trails
Trailhead sign off Barton Street
Barton Street Trailhead
Gravel trail
Bridge over Fauntleroy Creek
Walkway with rails
Playing in Fauntleroy Creek
Boardwalk Trails
Conifer forest section
Boardwalk Trails