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Luther Burbank Park

Luther Burbank Park is located on Lake Washington and has a one mile loop hike with views and some history along the way. Much of the park has been left undeveloped to allow for wildlife, including 135 species of birds, 50 species of waterfowl, raccoons, beaver, muskrats, tree frogs and rabbits. Many of these animals live in the wetlands that occupy the north and south ends of the park. A hike through the park will also reveal large open lawn areas, swimming areas, fishing docks, an outdoor amphitheater, picnicking areas, tennis courts, a large off-leash dog park and a very unique kids play area. Luther Burbank Park was once home to the Luther Burbank School, a parental school for delinquent youths that closed in 1966.
Puget Sound Hikes
From the west, take the 77th Ave. SE exit (#7A) immediately after the 2nd tunnel, and turn left on 77th Ave. SE. Turn right at the stop sign onto N. Mercer Way, go through the light at 80th Ave. SE Turn left onto 81st Ave. SE. Turn right on SE 24th St. and drive to the end. From the east, take the Island Crest Way exit (#7). At top of the ramp, turn right onto SE 26th St. Follow to the park.
Luther Burbank Park access map Luther Burbank Park map
Boiler Room Waterfront luther burbank trail luther burbank school Off-Leash Dog Area seattle from Calkins Point Calkins Point Flagpole open area Kids play area Swim Beach
Administration Building
Off-Leash Dog Area
Calkins Point
Swim Beach
Seattle from Calkins Point
Kids play area
Boiler Room
The Waterfront
Trail along the water
The Flagpole open area
Location of Luther Burbank Park