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Lake Killarney Open Space Park

Lake Killarny is a small but long forested lake hiding in the woods in Federal Way. Much of the lake was protected from development, probably because it was part of the original Weyerhaeuser Headquarters ownership. At some point, this property was sold to the city of Federal Way and to World Vision for their headquarters building. The trees here are big; some are old growth, a very rare find in Federal Way.
Puget Sound Hikes
Walk down a paved trail to split. To the right goes to the Lake Killarny views. Donít stop until you have water on all three sides of you. After enjoying the views, go back to the split. Now go left as the trail passes through some trees and emerges at the backside of World Vision Headquarters. A left goes into a parking lot, right proceeds on a wide gravel path around their water retention ponds. Pass several ponds, and then arrive at another access to a parking lot. The trail continues further to another business building but look instead to the right for a hiking trail up a small hill to a picnic table. This trail continues well past the lunch spot through a very nice and old forest with glimpses at another arm of Lake Killarny. The trail ends at 344th Street, on a sidewalk in front of the Devry University Campus.
Take the Weyerhaeuser Way exit off Highway 18. Turn south and follow Weyerhaeuser Way until a sharp bend right. The park sign is there. If the gate is open, go in and park. If not, park just outside the gate along the road or across the street in a large church parking lot.
Killarney Park Map parcel map Lake Killarney Lake Killarney sign trees in killarney park old trees federal way park Lake Killarney view Lake Killarney trails Trail to the Lake Killarney Lake Killarney Homes on Lake Killarney Big Cedar Tree World Vision World Vision Trail
Sign from the corner of Weyerhaeuser Way and S349th
Big old trees
Trees in the park
Trail to the lake
Lake Killarney viewpoint
Trail to the Lake Killarney viewpoint
Homes on Lake Killarney
One part of Lake Killarney
Lake Killarney
Big Cedar Tree
Trail behind the World Vision retention ponds
World Vision Trail
Lines drawn where the trails go. World Vision owns parcels 9031 & 9006
Location Map with trails drawn