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Whitewater Snakeproof Chaps Review

Whitewater Snakeproof Chaps Review
By Eric Willhite
Date: October 3, 2010
When I'm picking a place to go hike, I've always got about a half dozen decisions to make. What is accessible, what's the weather conditions going to be like, can I accomplish it in the time I have that day, etc. In recent years, the question "are there snakes" has kept me away from many mountains until old man winter arrived. Bothered by this, I purchased a pair of Whitewater Snakeproof Chaps. Immediately, a world of possibilities opened up. Now, if I see something I want to climb, I don't have to say, "Lets wait and make that a winter snowshoe climb". I just strap on the full-length chaps and start climbing. I carry them in my car at all times. In the past, I've been known to stagger about a mountain, always taking paths away from anything that looked like suspicious snake habitat. This costs valuable time and energy not to mention how slow I was walking in grassy or brush areas. Now, with my legs all protected, I can thrash at full speed without worry. Although designed for hunters, I would recommend them for any off trail hiker who has a slight phobia of slithery reptiles.
•Built of 900-denier Poly Oxford
•PVC finish sheds water
•Full-length protection
•Fastex closures on sides with adjustable straps for different inseams

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Whitewater Snakeproof Chaps

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Colors: Camo, Buckskin, Mossy Oak® Break-Up®, Realtree® AP®
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Price: $69.99
Whitewater Snakeproof Chaps