Anderson Mountain

Distance: 6.5 miles
Summit Elevation: 3,364 feet
Elevation Gain: 3,000 feet
Access: Paved


Bellingham Hikes


When other trails may be snow covered, look to Anderson Mountain to come through for a long winter hiking trip. Depending on snowfall, you may even get a good snowshoe trip on the upper portions of the mountain. The route follows the Pacific Northwest Trail, which uses existing logging roads and trail segments constructed by volunteers. White paint marks on trees and rocks mark the entire route so you can't go wrong. Several spots have views along the way, the summit has a few as well. The mountain also has just over 3,000 feet of prominence (one of only 52 in Washington).
From I-5 between Mount Vernon and Bellingham, take Exit 240, the Lake Samish/Alger Exit. Go east for 2.5 miles (passing through Alger). Turn right on the Alger CCC Road. In 0.2 miles, look for a logging road to the right with the Trillium Gate. Parking for 2 vehicles.
Walk up the road around one mile to the first non-road segment of the Pacific Northwest Trail, just past a sharp side road to the right at a creek. This segment of trail is through a younger stand of 15-20 year old timber. It tops out at the end of an old road. Follow the white directional's as you go out to a larger road, turn right, then left on another branch. Not too far brings you to another trail section. Cedar planks have been used to get across a wetland before the trail steadily climbs up, crossing a road, then up higher to a new clear-cut. The trail inside the clear-cut is really deteriorated. But, there are the best views of this trip to be had....at least for the next 10 years or so. At the top of the clear-cut, enter nice forests and the trail improves until you reach the highest road. Now it is a long, long road walk to the south ridge, then north up the south ridge. At least the north part is on a closed old road and has some redeeming values. On that final closed road, keep right at Y intersection following the PNT, but take the second Y to the right off of the PNT. It should take you to a large open landing, and a road will be heading south on the ridge. From just before you hit the open area, there is a hidden way trail to the left (no tred, just a branch free route). Follow it up (it traverses left in a bit) to the summit.
There are two highpoints and nobody knows which is higher.
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Below: Black is road, Yellow is Trail
Showing the white paint that leads the way the entire route
On the road on the south ridge just before the abandoned road to the summit area
Some trees near the summit. No summit view this day.
The final little climb to the summit of Anderson Mountain
A nice bench above the clear-cut
Samish Bay
Lake Whatcom
Small bridge on the PNT
The PNT in the harvest area
Lookout Mountain to the north
The first segment of trail
In the flats at the start of the second segment of trail
The trail goes up this harvest area
Several of these PNT Trail signs in route
The trail/road at 1600 feet
Note: I show the A-1000 DNR road from the south if you wanted to bike up. There is also a hiking route on the PNT up from the east side of the mountain.
Former Lookouts

Lookout History:

Likely erected for military purpose in 1941, with the cost borne by an emergency appropriation expended through the U.S. Forest Service and the State Department. This was an Aircraft Warning Service Station "Yoke 1-7" during its first years. AWS constructed a 14 x 32 cabin. An 83 foot wooden tower with a 7 foot by 7 foot cab is also reported to have been on site. Upon deactivation the site was retained by the State of Washington for use as a fire detection station.