Spruce Mountain & Sprucemont

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Driving south of Wells Nevada, you'll be looking a lot to the west to the Ruby Range. If you look east, you'll begin to notice a large prominent mountain with the name of Spruce. With an elevation like 10,262 feet and 3,934 feet of prominence, it should get your attention. What makes Spruce special is the road to the top and the ghost town high on it's slopes called Sprucemont. Sprucemont was thriving around 1870 and again in 1930 and is considered one of the best preserved sites in Nevada. As for the summit, you can expect excellent views with its elevation and prominence. The highest point and benchmark is only a 2 minute walk from the communication towers on top.
From Wells, go south on US 93 for about 37 miles. Turn left onto signed Spruce Mountain Road. Follow the gravel Spruce Mountain Road east, then southeast at a Y, for 7 miles total. Continue through a intersection but now you are on a unmarked BLM Road 1526. Go another 2.5 miles on BLM Road 1526 reaching the town of Sprucemont. Another mile or so brings you to an open pass with roads going all over. Turn right toward the summit and begin climbing the steep road. If you don't have 4WD Low, it's probably best to stop but know your engine if you do continue. The road switchbacks and climbs to the summit area where there is plenty of room to turn around.
Distance: Drive-up
Summit Elevation: 10,262 feet
Access rating: Level 4
Trail to Spruce Mountain Spruce Mountain Benchmark Spruce mountain nevada Spruce mountain summit Spruce mountain views Spruce mountain summit Parking garage on top Spruce Mountain Benchmark
Parking garage on top
The communication facilities from the summit
Sprucemont Ghost Town Sprucemont Ghost Town

Sprucemont Ghost Town

Sprucemont Ghost Town Sprucemont Ghost Town Sprucemont Ghost Town Sprucemont Ghost Town Sprucemont access map Spruce mountain map
Hazy views
Summit rocks
Nearby mountain
He found the benchmark
The hike to the summit