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This was a trip I did in high school. Mowich Lake was a really nice training ground for us. Getting to the lake in the winter requires a nice ski or snowshoe in conditions that are generally safe from avalanche or extreme weather. From the lake, there are many places to go explore, depending on conditions. On this particular trip, we chose to snowshoe up to Knapsack Pass. Behind the rangerís cabin on the lake, we just plotted a course and headed up until we reached Knapsack Basin. I still remember looking across to the headwall and thinking it was too steep and even avalanche prone. Still, we went up to it only to find good snow conditions and a much less steep wall than what it appeared. From the pass we marveled at Rainier, and then headed up the ridge to the top of First Mother Mountain.

Mowich Lake, Knapsack Pass, First Mother Mountain

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Getting to the Mowich Lake Entrance is never gated but snow falls
A view of Knapsack Pass in winter
Mount Rainier from Knapsack Pass
In Knapsack Basin looking up toward Mother Mountain
Mother Mountain Ridgeline
Third Mother Mountain with the Alpine Lakes Enchantments in the distance
Enjoying Knapsack Pass
Looking up toward Fay Peak
Looking down on Mowich Lake
Somewhere just above Knapsack Pass
Peaks of Mother Mountain
Camping at Mowich Lake
Observation and Echo Rocks
Looking to the Carbon Glacier and the Northern Loop Trail Peaks
Tolmie Peak Lookout