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Professor Valley (Highway 128) is a popular excursion out of Moab. It's also a more scenic route to Moab from Colorado if traveling on I-70. The Professor Valley is very scenic, very popular and full of changes if you are there at the right times. With the Colorado River rushing and carving through the valley, you know there are activities. Camping and rafting are extremely popular here, as is rock climbing. The rock formations at Fisher Towers are very unique. They squirrel up in the strangest way sometimes to a sharp point that only one climber can stand on at a time. Nearby are other well known rock pinnacles like Parriott Mesa, the Rectory & Castleton Tower. These are well know in the rock climbing community and you have a good chance at seeing people up on them. They are similar to the Monument Valley formations and there are great views from the highway or a side road called Castleton Road which passes through Castle Valley before heading up the La Sal Mountains. Back down on the river, the BLM manages a bunch of campgrounds (see map below).

Professor Valley - Fisher Towers

Fisher Towers Parriott Mesa, The Rectory & Castleton Tower
Parriott Mesa, The Rectory & Castleton Tower from Dome Plateau Highpoint
Professor Valley Utah Parking area at Fisher Towers Fisher Towers Professor Valley Fisher Towers Fisher Towers Fisher Towers Moab Area Map
Fisher Towers from Dome Plateau Highpoint
BLM Map showing all the camping off Highway 128 along the Colorado River.
A Moab area map showing the scenic roads around Moab that are accessible by most vehicles. This page covers some of the views from Highway 128 to the northeast of Moab.
Fisher Towers
The Rectory and Castleton Tower in the distance
Fisher Towers
Fisher Towers
Castleton Tower, The Rectory and Parriott Mesa from the parking area at Fisher Towers
Parking area at Fisher Towers
Driving Highway 128 toward the Fisher Towers and Moab with the La Sal Mountains in distance