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Bigfoot and Sasquatch

Is there a Bigfoot out there? That would be awesome. I wish someone credible would come forth with some evidence. A professor at the University of Washington once said, if you see one, shoot it. That way, we could protect it on the endangered species list. For some reason, the most elusive creature on earth only shows itself to idiots. You know, people who drive to some woods, start throwing rocks, and then suddenly they hear a rock thrown back. It must be Bigfoot! Did you hear that bush move! I personally know a lady who had a sasquatch come to her bedroom window one night.

Now days, there are TV shows in search of Bigfoot. They call themselves Squatchers, and they are idiots. They spend most of their time talking about Bigfoot instead of being out there where they live? If they actually spend the night in the woods, they talk about it like some major accomplishment how they survived. I have met hundreds of hunters, loggers, lifetime backpackers and outdoorsman, climbers and peakbaggers, environmental workers, backcountry rangers. No one ever sees or hears anything. Why is it just Bigfoot hunters or homeowners, residents that benefit from the tourism of visitors, or just odd balls? You see, Bigfoot can only be spotted at the edge of wilderness, even though he is hiding from humans, he seems to live right where he will be spotted most? On the TV shows, you’ll never see Bigfoot on government or state lands because that requires a permit to film there. By luck I guess, Bigfoot is always spotted on someone’s private parcel of land.

It seems very obvious most every story I hear is someone who doesn’t spend much time in the woods. If you are an experienced outdoor person, you know these types within one or two sentences out of their mouths. They see or hear something and attribute it to a Bigfoot. I see and hear things all the time, but experience will lead me to a more logical conclusion. When I was 12 I thought I saw 2 bigfoots. They were walking upright, crossing an avalanche path high above a lake my scout troop was camping at. At first I thought they were 2 of our scouts so I yelled at them. They quickly disappeared and the two scouts I was looking for were already back in camp. For 3 years, I went around telling my story about the squatches I saw during my scout trip to Lake Annette. What else would be walking up there in the middle of nowhere? Several years later, I learned there was a off trail climbing route that passed that avalanche shoot at that exact elevation. It was a Saturday morning, the most likely time all week that climbers would be going through the avalanche path. I had made assumptions based on my limited knowledge of the area and environment.

I’m typing this while watching a search for Bigfoot show. The show is the most ridiculous thing I’ve watched on television in a long time. My hope is that this is just TV, that these people are being paid to do this. Reality TV is under no legal bounds to have one shred of truth, they can make it all up. They are kicking rocks down hill because they claim this “really makes them angry”. Ok, now they just said that bigfoot likes “women’s voices”. How do they know all this? O boy, now they are doing the sasquatch screem…what is this? I’m so embarrassed for them. I’ve heard a bear growl, the elk in the rut but I nor anyone I know has heard a “squatch scream”, something they are claiming is very common. They are calling their visit to the woods an “expedition”. Soon they will go home, probably far removed from the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe I’m just jealous. I live here, why haven’t I experienced this phenomenon of Bigfoot? I read hundreds of trip reports every year of outdoorsmans trips in the mountains. They total hundreds of thousands of hours spent in the wilderness yet none of them ever report seeing any Bigfoot. Mr. Elusive just wants to show up at some drunk guys house as he is taking out his garbage. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong some day…but I won’t put any money on it. Good luck Squatchers, everyone needs a hobby and something to believe in.
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