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Hiking, climbing and traveling is dangerous and could kill you, or worse. I do not recommend that you follow my examples. Individuals attempting some of the activities found on this website must accept and assume all risk of damage, injury and death which probably will result. I also do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the route information found on this website. This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. The stats on my trips are approximate, especially the mileages, elevation and road conditions. You need to learn to look at a map and determine if you can hike the distance regardless of miles. Elevation gain is a much bigger issue. There are usually lots of ups and downs. I donít calculate these nor do I carry a GPS or use an altimeter that tracks these kinds of things. The elevation is usually within 500 feet. If you need to know the exact gain more than that, you probably should just stay home. In fact, staying at home is dangerous as well. A person should live life. Eating potato chips all day on the couch can cause serious injury to your body. If you go astray using one of my route descriptions or maps, tough tooty. You big cry baby. At least you have something. Before the internet, this kind of data was extremely difficult to get a hold of. It wasnít uncommon to climb mountains, sometimes with extreme bushwhacking, only to find there was a trail up the entire route. Have fun out there.
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