Trinity lookout Views from Trinity Trinity Mountain route Trinity Mountain area Trinity Mountain lookout Trinity Mountain outhouse Views from Trinity Trinity Mountain sunset Trinity Mountain shadow Trinity Mountain sunset Sunset toward Boise
Trinity Mountain Lookout is visible on top. The road was gated from here
Trinity bathroom
Because Trinity Mountain is the tallest mountain so far south in the Boise Range, the views in most directions are quite big. This hike is along a road that is just perfect for a short hike or kids. The lookout is still in use and it sits on the edge of some big cliffs. On the north side of the mountain are several large lakes with very nice camping spots. During our mid-week trip here one week in October, we didn't see anyone on the hike or down at the camp sights...but it was cold that night. Trinity has 2,391 feet of prominence.

Trinity Mountain

Distance: 2 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,400 feet
Summit Elevation: 9,451 feet
Access rating: Level 2 Your online resource for hiking, climbing and travel


Take ID-20 north out of Mountain Home. Turn left onto the Fall Creek Road/Anderson Dam Road just past Dixie Summit. Follow the road to Anderson Ranch Dam. Follow the road along side Anderson Ranch Reservoir for 9.3 miles until it becomes Fall Creek. Follow Fall Creek for 6.4 miles and bear right and follow signs for Trinity Ridge. After 8.9 miles you'll pass Cold Spring Campground and the road climbs up to a prominent ridge northwest of the peak. Park there or drive to the gate and park. Access from snow can keep the road closed into June and longer if going north from the pass.


From the gate in the saddle, walk the road to the summit
Idaho Climbing
Sun setting while hiking back to the truck
View east with shadow of Trinity
View south from the lookout
Late evening sun, notice the shadow of me carrying 2 others
View southwest from the lookout
Trinity Mountain road
View northeast...we camped down at those lakes
Taking a break
Room with a view
Views south near the trailhead
The lookout from the road south of the gate
Trinity Mountain
Trinity Mountain (on left) from the north
Trinity Mountain Map