upper Hyndman Basin Views north from Hyndman Peak Borah Peak from the pass Hyndman Peak meadows summit of Hyndman Peak Hyndman Basin Hyndman Pass Old Hyndman Mountain Cobb Mountain Old Hyndman Peak East from Hyndman Peak Southeast from Hyndman Peak South from Hyndman Peak
Hiking up the trail with Hyndman in view
Nice meadows and cliffs
Looking up to the summit of Hyndman Peak
Looking west
Hiking up into the upper Hyndman Basin
Hiking up to Hyndman Pass where I was planning on camping
Cobb Mountain
Old Hyndman Mountain
Borah Peak from the pass (I climbed Borah Peak earlier that morning!)
Borah Peak
Old Hyndman Peak from the pass
Old Hyndman and Cobb Peak, decided to hike out by headlamp
Hyndman Peak is the 9th tallest peak in Idaho, the tallest in the Pioneer Range and one of the nine Idaho 12ers. The hike to the base is long but a beautiful hike with superb camping possibilities at tree line and above. Several other peaks could be climbed from the base as well. This is a big mountain any non-climber should be able to summit.

Hyndman Peak

Distance: 6+ miles
Elevation Gain: 5,000 feet
Summit Elevation: 12,009 feet
Access rating: Level 2
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trail with Hyndman Peak
View East from the summit
View South from the summit
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Looking north from the summit
Looking southeast

Hyndman Peak Route:

After crossing the creek, the trail follows an old road for several miles up the valley at an extremely gentle grade. At the base of Cobb Mountain, the trail will turn north and start climbing fast. The trail goes from aspen to sagebrush to pine trees in just a short distance. About halfway up it levels out and you walk through a sheepherder�s campsite. Trail goes right over the creek. Continue up another hill then up past some waterfalls just before reaching the basin. Once you reach Hyndman Basin, the trail may disappear in places. It is always there so if you loose it, look harder or just go cross country. Chances are it will be to your left, up the hill a bit. Follow the basin past small lakes and great meadows to the saddle between Hyndman and Old Hyndman. From the saddle, it�s a scramble up the ridge to the summit. Class 2.

Hyndman Peak Access:

Drive five miles south of Ketchum on Highway 75, going east on East Fork Road. Drive seven miles to a left turn (FS road 203) up hill with a sign saying �North Fork Hyndman Creek�. Drive 4.5 miles to the end of the road. Go left at a confusing road split. At the trailhead, there are two trails/old roads. Take the one that drops down, crossing the creek, not the one that follows the obvious road on the left. No fees to park at this time.
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Old Hyndman and Cobb Peak