Pilot Peak is a drive-up peak with a great view in the Boise Range. Pilot is also a popular winter destination for snowmobilers and skiers. I drove up because it is the 93 most prominent peak in the state. At one time there was a lookout here but now it's just a bunch of communication towers.

Pilot Peak (Idaho City)

Distance: Drive-up
Elevation Gain: Drive-up
Summit Elevation: 8,128 feet
Access rating: Level 3
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From Idaho City, follow Highway 21 for 13 miles to Mores Creek Summit. The road to the summit is found on the south side of the large parking area on the west side of the highway. The drive up had a few rough places if I remember correctly but I would guess many have pushed regular cars to the summit before. A hike up the road, then cross country to the summit wouldn't be too difficult.
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Communication Towers
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