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Hike Your Way Out Of The Rat Race: Get The Right Gear And Go!

For lovers of the outdoors, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting away from the rat-race by taking a long hike in the wilderness. Indeed with so many of us confined to our desks in office jobs, caught up in the hectic bustle of city living, there is no greater need to get back to nature. Hiking is one of the best ways of doing just that. Not only does hiking take us into the restorative calm of the wilderness, reminding us of
the wonders of nature, it is also a terrific way to exercise!

Ask any serious hiker, and they will tell you that it is imperative to have the right gear before you set out on a hike. After all, when you are out in the wilderness, you need to be prepared for anything. Embarking on a hike without the proper equipment is not only foolhardy, it can be downright dangerous!

The sort of gear and equipment you will need for your hike will depend on the weather conditions you are likely to encounter; the terrain you will be hiking through and the duration of your hike. Each hike is different, so you need to think through your equipment with every individual outing.

That said there is a variety of essential gear to get you started. For example, quality fitted hiking boots are a must. Many hikers opt for heavy duty, waterproof hiking boots that can endure all weather and terrain. Be sure your hiking boots are well fitted Ė sore blistered feet are no fun!

A good quality rain jacket is another must have. This will be one of your first purchases, and you should always opt for a durable, light jacket if possible. Even if you donít expect wet weather, rain jackets are light and easy to carry, and you would be surprised how often weather forecasts are incorrect! Always carry a compass and a map, even on the most basic route. While you may never either of these items, it is imperative to
have them in the even you get lost.

Likewise, you should take along a small but well-stocked first aid kit, a flash light and waterproof matches. If you plan to do overnight hikes, youíll also need to look into tents, sleeping bags, packs and cooking equipment.

Whatever your plan, the items mentioned above are the basic, indispensable items that all sensible hikers recommend no matter what the level or experience of the hiker. No backpack is ready without them!
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